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A lot of people don’t know what the main job of an Total Tree Care in the society is. They are mainly the people who are responsible for having a good environment especially the trees that we have right now and of course the plants in our surroundings. They have to make sure every living plant are in a good condition or the health of the plants are well. There are many kinds and varieties of plants and trees in this world. They need to classify and evaluate every plant that they are studying for a specific purpose and development.  They also cut trees and different shrubs or vines or plants in the place to protect and help people and roadways, pathways, electric posts, even sidewalks and public parks and much more to the public areas in a city. They are not like an ordinary people who will cut the trees or remove some certain plants on the road. They are the people who are specializing on how to cut the trees correctly. They are using a specific and professional tool and equipment. It includes some machineries and powerful tools that will be handled with care and proper usage.   ARBORIST They need to cut the trees or tall plants that could interrupt the power supply in any electric posts. They are the people responsible for this so that it won’t go to any electric wires.    As they are not common to be seen and recognized, they are still doing their jobs well. They could work in different areas like clearing the plants in the place, cutting the trees or even climbing the tree or even working for the ground.   They are cutting the dead branches or any parts of the tree. They do the job for cutting the bushes that may affect the place I case of emergency. But of course, some of them are good at making the places looking more even beautiful. They give the possible solution to the problem of a certain plant or trees or even bushes.   Like what we are talking about, they use different machines and tools. It is needed that they know the basic knowledge to professional knowledge on how to use them one by one and when to use them. Examples of the things that they use every day for their jobs are trucks. It is not the common truck Maids ala 

Bitcoin Cash tumblers Mode maid service mobile that we can see on the road. They also have tractors to help them reach the part that they need to be cut. Saw which can be used to cut them down. There are many kinds of saws. There could be electric and the manual used saw.   Without these people, our cities will look horrible in many ways. There would be a lot of trees growing all around the place and roads and it may cause trouble during strong rain. It also helps to prevent possible other calamities like soil erosion, floods and many others .

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