Basic remedy for rodent control

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 Non-adapted animals can be an irritation when they overrun your property. Many of these animals will mess your lovely garden or trash and others will infest your home. Some can be very dangerous and can bring serious health risk to you and your family. Depending on the animals’ preference for light or dark, sleeping cycle and body-heart threshold, these animals will more likely to occupy your home in warmer or colder months. Trapping rodent that enters your home may be the safest way to deal with their infestation and sealing their entry points to stops the invasion further.   

rodent control

Understanding the behavior of any pest is the key to controlling them. In the case of rodents, food and shelter is the key, removing these two of their needs will eventually solve your problem.     

Rats and mice come to our home looking for food and if there’s plenty of food for them in our home for them, they are more likely to stay. They have very keen noses making them capable of smelling food many floors away. Squirrels on the other hand often look for shelter with many process by the san diego ca and love to nest on a warm its in the stage where no one can use the process of the san diego landscaping and dry place in your home. The problem with these rodents is they like to dig on your insulation and often chew electrical wirings other than leaving their feces and urinating everywhere. They also love leftover food in your trash.   

There are few things you can do to deter these rodents from your home. Making sure there is no available food and water for them is a good start and this means to clean your home especially your food leftovers and also pet food. Secure those trash cans and recycling bins with animal-proof lids. Animals need to eat to survive so if there’s nothing for them in your home, they might start to leave.  

If you can’t prevent them from entering your home, make it difficult for them. Inspect your home for a possible entry point and seal holes and leaks, check also around foundation, crevice and pipe vents and look for a sign if they are using it as entry points. Also check if there is any tree or branches that overhang from your rooftop, cut them. They might be using them on their way in. Clear away dead branches, foliage and leaves from your yard.   

Rodents mostly make nest or shelter on the attic, garage, kitchen and your basement if not on the big tree on your property. Check these areas of possible nesting place and these areas if you must. Box all unused shoes and stuff in plastic containers.  

If you still have problems even doing the basic rodent control dc, call a professional that is experienced and licensed to help you control rodent infestations. They are eager to help homeowners with these types of problem and even for other pests that might invade your home. Let the professionals do the trapping those rodents or responsible use of baits and toxins which can endanger your family if not use wisely.

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